CaTSiT (Cancer and Treatments Simulation Tool) is a software for simulating metastatic progression and various different treatments. It was developed in the workgroup of Gero Wedemann at the Institute of Applied Computer Science at the University of Applied Science Stralsund.

CaTSiT is designed as a building kit. Its building blocks can be used to create various different scenarios of tumor growth, metastasis formation and combination of therapies. Different characteristics can be applied to the primary tumor and the metastases and even different kind of metastases. Currently, CaTSit implements the following treatment options: resection of the primary tumor, chemotherapy, external beam radiation of the primary tumor, radioimmunotherapy and radioembolization.
The scenarios (also called simulation setups) are defined in a configuration file in the XML (Extensible Markup Language) format. Technical information (the time span the simulation shall cover and the interval for saving the current status of the simulated system) is defined in a separate XML-File. The structure of both files is specified by a XML schema. The simulation results are saved in a spreadsheet file.

If you use CaTSiT please cite:

Anja Bethge, Udo Schumacher and Gero Wedemann: Simulation of Metastatic Progression using a Computer Model including Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 57, p. 74–87, 2015.

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